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Unfortunately, far too many people are stuck in dead-end jobs at poorly-managed companies.  A recent Gallup poll found that about 77% of Americans hate their jobs, and a Zogby poll found that 49% of working Americans have suffered or witnessed workplace bullying.

GreatPlaceJobs was developed to help people find jobs at the best employers, because everyone deserves a great and satisfying career.  GreatPlaceJobs is the largest site that features jobs exclusively at companies across the US that have been certified as great workplaces.  Here are a few examples of awards that the companies featured on GreatPlaceJobs have received:


We'll Help You Find Your Next Dream Job

Our mission is to help people find satisfying jobs at great companies. Because we don't charge companies to post jobs, GreatPlaceJobs is the most comprehensive source of real jobs at the nation's best employers. Each month, GreatPlaceJobs typically features tens of thousands of new open jobs at great companies.

Top-ranked employers have proven themselves to be much more recession-proof than the average company. Award winning companies are much more likely to survive the current recession without suffering layoffs or a bankruptcy. A recent study found that, in 2008, companies recognized as great workplaces conducted layoffs half as often as a general sample of other companies. In addition, excellent employers had a higher revenue growth rate since the second half of 2008.

As a member of GreatPlaceJobs, you'll save time in your job search because you'll see only real, open jobs at certified great companies. Never again will you find yourself trolling through endless lists of low-quality job listings on other, less-targeted job boards! Get Started Now.

Who Are We?

Asher Adelman and Miriam Salpeter are working together to develop GreatPlaceJobs into an indispensable resource for job seekers, great workplace employers, and our affiliate partners. Asher manages the marketing activities at GreatPlaceJobs, and Miriam develops and implements our networking and social media strategies.

Asher established GreatPlaceJobs in 2008 to help job seekers find jobs at the best workplaces. Asher is also the founder of a popular career resource, eBossWatch, and of Workplace Democracy.com, a leading source of news and analysis about democratic companies and the future of management. Asher has been featured in Forbes, TheStreet.com, The Chicago Tribune, The Orange County Register and the New York Post.

Asher has held marketing, sales, and operations management positions with companies in the software and medical device industries. Asher received his MBA from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine and holds a BA in history from the University of California, San Diego. Asher can be reached at asher@greatplacejobs.com.

Miriam Salpeter is a speaker, blog author, career action coach and founder of Keppie Careers. She advises clients in the U.S. and abroad regarding career transitions and speaks to groups about job hunting and social networking strategies. Miriam encourages, enlightens and empowers job seekers for success by writing solid, accomplishment oriented resumes and by teaching clients how to leverage their marketable skills.

Miriam also serves as the National Career Coach Correspondent for Examiner.com and has been listed in SmartLife’s Top 10 Personal Branding Coaches. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo! Jobs and is a sought after expert and resource for job seekers and authors who wish to learn how to incorporate social media into job search efforts.

Miriam was an Associate Vice President for a Wall Street firm prior to earning a Master’s degree from Columbia University in the City of New York, where she trained in career advising and counseling. Before founding Keppie Careers, Miriam led the Career Action Center at the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University, advising an array of clients, from new professionals through experienced job seekers. Miriam can be reached at miriam@greatplacejobs.com.


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